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Munster Office Furniture
Buying second hand furniture is a really great way to save money, in these recessionary times, and now it's also stress free. Here, at Munster Office Furniture, we work outside of typical office working hours to accommodate our customers. You can view and purchase our stock on-line, contact us using the contact form, call us, drop us a text or leave a comment on our Facebook page. It couldn't be easier or less time consuming for you, our customers.
Why Choose Munster Office Furniture?
  • We offer top quality used, refurbished & new furniture at a price that suits you and now MOF is offering long and short term rental furniture too.
  • We are local, convenient & can be contacted whenever suits our customers.
  • We deliver promptly to many locations in Ireland, with our quick efficient door to door delivery service.
  • We recycle the vast majority of furniture & fixtures that we clear which benefits the environment for future generations*
  • We offer friendly advice from our experienced sales team, to meet your specific needs.
  • We are able to clear away your old redundant furniture saving you time & money.
  • We offer a fast, friendly, professional & reliable service.
* recycling refers to the refurbishing and reusing of furniture that would otherwise have been dumped.