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About us
Munster Office Furniture

Munster Office Furniture is a locally run new, secondhand and rented furniture store, catering to schools, offices and homes nationwide. With over forty years experience our staff will be delighted to help you find whatever you need. We have a large resource pool that streches overseas so if we don't have what you are looking for in stock there is a good chance we can track it down for you.

Why secondhand "preloved" Furniture?
  • It's more affordable.
    • Second-hand furniture often sells at fraction of the price meaning more money is kept in your pocket.
  • It's eco-friendly.
    • No extra trees are being cut down, no harmful toxins are released in production and ensuring perfectly good furniture is not unnecessarily settling in landfills.
  • It's still customizable.
    • Just because it's second-hand doesn't mean you can't request specific materials and colour finishes, even table tops can often be cut to suit specific sizes..

Why Munster Office Furniture?
When shopping for second hand furniture there are a few key things to keep in mind:
  • Have a "Plan".
    • You should know the size of your space and have a plan or an idea of how to fill the space in the most efficient way possible for your needs. Munster Office Furniture would be happy to help you make this plan.
  • Consider Quality.
    • The overall quality of furniture becomes much more important when you are buying secondhand furniture as the poorer quality furniture will be on it's last legs but the quality of the secondhand furniture that is provided by Munster Office Furniture will last even longer than new examples of a lesser quality furniture.
  • Room to expand.
    • When kitting out a space with office furniture you should always consider your ability to expand. Munster Office Furniture would be delighted to discuss with you which stock is readily available, which repeats and which is rare. This will help you to furnish your office with the right furniture to service your expansion needs.